First Things First

While good government is imperative, it can in no way be a substitute for the more important matters of individuals and families having a relationship with God, and serving Him according to the Bible.   Further, neither can government take the place of personal and family responsibility.
What we believe and stand for:



  • Life begins at conception. Protect innocent unborn life.  This is the bare minimum for any decent civilized society.


Second Amendment

  • The right to keep and bear arms.  Keep this right and work to expand this right to constitutional carry.  Let the criminals be in fear of upright and free men.


Family Values

  • Traditional marriage and family is a cornerstone of western Christian civilization.  Any other arrangement is bad for everyone involved.


Government Accountability

  • Financial responsibility for government is just as important as it is for individuals. Both need to spend within their means.  Audits should be conducted on a rotating 3 year schedule, with the goal of reducing waste.  Taxes should not be increased by government fiat.  They should be raised only when the people of Oklahoma decide that they want their taxes raised.



  • Support for locally controlled public education and higher pay for teachers in a financially responsible manner.  Parents should be able to choose what they believe is best for their own children, whether that is public education, private, Christian or homeschooling.

Law and Order

  • To protect the innocent, laws against crime must be enforced clearly and quickly.  Restitution, wherever practical and possible should be required from criminals to victims.  Capital crimes should be punished with the death penalty and in a timely manner.  Federal immigration law must be supported by local law enforcement.  Sanctuary city policies must be prohibited in the state of Oklahoma.

The economy

  • The government should not directly create jobs.  What government should do is keep taxes low and keep regulations minimal so the free market can create jobs.